Google’s internal handbook instructs engineers to bury Natural News web pages from search results

Google should no longer be considered a search engine, a place where you can freely lookup information. Google does not truly honor your search terms and does not provide honest results from around the World Wide Web.

According to the Google handbook, Google reserves the right to de-list pages “that directly contradict well established scientific or medical consensus for queries seeking scientific or medical information, unless the query indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.” The institutions and industries that influence Google can now use the search engine to censor out any contrarian or dissenting information that would dishevel their business interests. For instance, articles explaining the truth about chemotherapy or the dangers of psychiatric medication can be buried in Google’s “search engine” because the information “contradicts well established medical consensus.”

On page 108 of the search evaluator quality guidelines, Google gives a glimpse into the type of reference information they bury, including “Pages that directly contradict well-established historical facts (e.g., unsubstantiated conspiracy theories), unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.” In this way, Google, its engineers and influencers can control what people know to be true about history. Any dissenting eyewitness accounts of a historical event can be considered “contradictory to well-established historical facts.” In other words, there is an official story on every event and we must all obey it, no questions asked.

For these reasons, Google should be considered a manipulative propaganda machine. First, Google uses your search terms to learn more about you. The information that Google collects is used to target market information and products to their users. Second, Google manipulates what is presented to you (even in search results) to control the information that you read. This is akin to brainwashing. Any information that questions the “official story” can be buried, manipulating readers to accept the “official story” as true, even though science and historical fact are routinely manipulated to carry out an institution’s goals and protect those in power.

In order to get information out to people, the independent media faces an uphill battle going forward because Google is burying independent media stories. If the story conflicts with an industry’s agenda or a scientific consensus, then Google reserves the right to de-list the story from its index. The more Google can demonize contrarian information, the more that information will appear as unfounded conspiracy theory. For instance, Google’s YouTube banned a video about cannabis oil. YouTube claimed the video was “dangerous” and they struck down the NaturalNews YouTube channel. This information is life-saving, but will be perceived as controversial, all because Google de-legitimized and censored it. This blatant censorship hinders people from accessing wisdom from those who have bucked the status quo and healed themselves. Articles on natural healing will continue to be buried because these stories contradict “well-established scientific fact.”

If you have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn more about topics such as vaccines, enhancing cognitive function, boosting natural immunity, don’t look to Google for information, for they manipulate the information they allow you to read.

If you want to learn the events surrounding 9/11 or the Kennedy assassination, you will easily be misled by Google, which wants compliance to the official story, so you cannot question authority whatsoever. In this way, the public is more obedient, compliant – an easily manipulated pack of slaves who do not have the power to heal themselves, think for themselves, and become more self reliant.

If you want to learn the truth, use alternative search engines such as GoodGopher or DuckDuckGo. Print out important documents for later use. Bookmark and keep a written copy of websites that provide  valuable information that will inevitably be omitted from Google’s search dictatorship.

For more on Google’s censorship efforts, visit Censorship.News and check out for a more comprehensive search for knowledge.

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