Flashback: That time when the Democratic “lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy, tried to undermine a presidential election

As Michael Reagan pointed out in his syndicated column this week, one of the most prominent Democrats in the modern era, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, actually worked in unison with Russia to “subvert a presidential election.” 

“The one element the presidencies of my father and Donald Trump have in common is that when the left says it will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding, they aren’t speaking metaphorically,” he wrote, noting that “in 1983 there was collusion with the Russians to influence the U.S. presidential race only this time the collusion wasn’t imaginary. It was Democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy offering to work with the KGB to defeat Ronald Reagan.”

He noted that in a secret letter to then-Soviet leader Yuri Andropov, Kennedy proclaimed he was very eager to “counter the militaristic policies” of Reagan as well as “undermine his prospects for re-election in 1984.” Kennedy’s scheme involved the planting of fake news in a very cooperative and compliant ‘mainstream’ media while using a cutout to keep anyone from tying him directly to the KGB.

Kennedy — who was considering running against the very popular President Reagan — wanted to “contrast the peace-loving Soviets with the war-mongering Reagan and persuade the American people to believe the fake news and vote Democrat,” Michael Reagan wrote, adding:

Kennedy’s traitorous behavior — there is no other word for it — became public knowledge when the Soviet Union collapsed and KGB files were briefly opened to the rest of the world. The public investigation of his conduct and the subsequent trial and imprisonment rocked D.C. and permanently damaged the Democratic Party.

Oh, wait, he continued. Nothing happened to Kennedy; he was never subsequently ‘investigated’ and of course never spent a day behind bars, though he should have.

Contrast this with a bombshell story The New York Times published on Wednesday detailing an “experiment” conducted by a team of Democratic tech operatives who mimicked “Russian interference” techniques in the 2016 election.

Democrats collude with Russia, not President Trump 

According to the Times, the tech team targeted the U.S. Senate special election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones, a race for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat.

The Times reported that those involved in the experiment, which they described as a “false flag,” used manipulative posts on major social media platforms aimed at dividing GOP voters with the objective of affecting the results for Moore — a technique Democrats say Russia used to help POTUS Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.  

As it turned out, Jones won the special election by a razor-thin margin of about 21,000 votes (49.9 to 48.4 percent) in a contest that many politicos widely saw as a major upset. Though the Dem operatives deny it, it appears as though their modest effort certainly could have affected the outcome of the race.

The false flag operation is noteworthy for its relevance to accusations from Democratic lawmakers and Leftist pundits that the Trump campaign allegedly “colluded” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton. There is no evidence of that — at least none that has been produced thus far.

But the Times story makes it plain that Democrats have replicated Russian election interference which, given the historical record, should not be surprising. 

And let’s not forget that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign working through a cutout — the Perkins Coie law firm — to hire former British spy Christopher Steele, who used Russian contacts to formulate a bogus “dossier” later used by James Comey’s FBI to undermine POTUS Donald Trump’s administration.

Like Kennedy in the 1980s, Democrats of today have demonstrated time and again they are more than willing to work with a strategic competitor to undermine the American electorate and our political system in their relentless pursuit of raw power.

Read more about Democrat election collusion and fraud at VoteFraud.news.

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