Twitter complicit in calling for direct physical violence against innocent Catholic schoolboys… tech giants now openly advocating for mob violence

Even though it’s now been proven that the mainstream media’s version of what allegedly took place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday during the “March for Life” between a group of Catholic schoolboys and a Native American man is 100 percent fake news, far-left social media giant Twitter has done absolutely nothing to set the record straight, nor has it removed any of the hate-filled tweets plastered all over the platform that call for one of the boys, who was seen nervously smiling at his aggressor, to be harassed, physically assaulted, and even murdered.

While countless conservatives have been targeted and removed from Twitter simply for expressing political and social views that Twitter staff disagrees with, celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Ron Perlman, both of whom used the most hateful curse words in the dictionary to verbally annihilate the innocent boy in question, still have active accounts – as do many others who called for the boy to be assaulted with violence, and in one tweet put into a wood chipper and violently murdered, along with all of his friends.

As revealed by Breitbart News, Twitter has allowed all of these threats of violence to persist on its platform, including those made by users with official blue checkmarks, meaning Twitter endorses everything they have to say. And when questioned about the hypocrisy of this blatant double standard, Twitter gave some canned response replete with false claims that it’s doing something – even though it’s clearly not doing anything, and presumably agrees with the violent, hate-filled sentiments of its Left Cult users.

“Twitter Curation strives to fairly and accurately contextualize the nature of large conversations on the platform,” a Twitter spokeswoman told Breitbart News, addressing its failure to update an official Twitter “moment” that spread the same fake news narrative that the Catholic boys were the aggressors during the incident, when in fact it was Nathan Phillips, the Native American, who was harassing the boys.

“The original Covington video appeared on Friday night. However, the Curation team did not compile a Moment until additional news media reporting emerged to provide context to the video – this included a source video interview with Nathan Phillips, which was featured in the Moment.”

Covington student being targeted by rabid Leftists needs to sue ALL of them, as well as the fake news media outlets that are conspirators in putting his life at risk

Many of the offending tweets are so vile that we won’t share them here (interested readers can check out Breitbart News for more). But let’s just say that, had any conservative user tweeted anything even remotely close about children who aren’t white and don’t support President Trump, these tweets would have been instantly removed, and the accounts that tweeted them permanently banned.

The good news in all this is that the boys being unjustly targeted by racist, anti-white Leftists now have more than enough justification to sue the daylights out of far-left trash like Jeffrey Grubb, David Dellanave, “Uncle Shoes,” Aaron Smarter, Reza Aslan, “TATIANNA,” Kathy Griffin, William LeGate, Chad Chamberlain, Holly Marie Combs, Brandon Friedman, Ron Perlman, Vic Gerami, movie producer Jack Morrissey, country musician Wheeler Walker Jr., Alex Cranz, Grace Segers, Rachel Held Evans, Jessica Valenti, Mira Sorvino, and many, many others who “doxxed,” harassed, or called for violence against the innocent boy and his friends who were targeted by fake news.

“President Trump needs to invite this child to the White House,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter. “Give him Secret Service protection … Delete his Twitter account (hopefully starting a trend that puts [Twitter] out of business) and arrest Twitter’s CEO for incitement and conspiracy to murder a minor.”

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